Screening Process

J and J Property Management is here to help you protect your property investment by finding a qualified tenant. Each adult applicant must provide their social security number, birth date, past rental history, and employment information. Each applicant authorizes J and J to obtain credit and rental references. We are able to access all three-credit bureaus and the First American Registry for this verification process.

  1. The Credit Bureau Report will not only show how the applicant has paid on their financial obligations, but it will also list past addresses that the applicant has used. Each prior address can be investigated to see if there was a leasing problem that the applicant may not want you to know.
  2. The First American Registry Report accesses a nation-wide database of over 14 million courthouse eviction records, landlord reports, and wanted fugitive searches. Eviction records will show when an action was filed, even if a judgment was not granted. Most evictions are for possession only and don't appear on a credit report, but they will appear on the Registry Report.
  3. Employment information is verified by contacting the employer directly. We take this one step further and investigate the legitimacy of the business to weed out those applicants who may work for "friends".
  4. Rental references are verified by contacting as many prior landlords as possible, backing this up with a crosscheck of the landlord information with the county assessor's office. The assessor verifies that the landlord named is the owner of the property.
  5. Criminal Background Check

Once the screening is complete, this information is then presented to you with our recommendations. This will allow you to quickly decide if the applicant is right for your property.