The J & J Property Management Team

Originally founded by Tod Larson, TEL Investments was purchased by his brother Tim Larson upon Tod's retirement. Westwind Rental Management continued Tod's focus and passion for providing honest, exceptional service to his owner clients who are looking for great management and renters in search of safe, well-maintained homes. J & J Property Management extends the Larson's legacy while ushering in a new era and taking that vision to new levels of investor advantages with improved technology, better systems and a renewed sense of direction in service and standards.

We would like to introduce these amazing employees to you...


Jessica Brittmon

Owner Liaison, & Accounting

Jess is an expert agent that has the strong organizational and leadership skills to steer Westwind in a forward direction. She has the authority to deal with all aspects from owner to tenants. Jess handles accounting and acts as our owner representative. She loves being with her family and friends.

Contact 303.369.3606

Email: [email protected]


Krystle Snyder

Tenant Liaison

The first point of contact, Krystle, is the front desk administrator that can handle any situation that may arise. She can find the best solution quickly and point you in the right direction. She acts as our tenant representative. She is a great mom that has 2 amazing kids.

Contact 303.369.3606

Email: [email protected]


Jessica White

Maintenance & Office Manager

Jess is a rental management professional that knows the ins and outs of the business. Her experience is invaluable from owner inquiries to tenant relationships. She specializes in the maintenance of units and runs the office location. She loves spending time with her family.

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Email: [email protected]

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